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TaTu videos...
veta_groza me wanting a beautiful girl to kiss <3

Pretty women, how I love them! Teehee ^.^

Speaking of pretty women...

I miss Beata. She is in Poland and I want to be there too!

 It's funny, I love her so so sooo much, but serious romantic feelings for her are nowhere to be found! I guess that's a good thing because we will never "break up"... or get together, for that matter- she ain't no queer like meee. :D I can't see us ending our friendship because of a fight. We've never fought. I think the only way we would end is through slowly slipping away, like elementary/high school friends... Fond memories, and that is all, you know?

Sometimes I think that maybe I am feeling something close to romance for her... But on closer inspection those feelings seem to be intense gratitude for her existence and a bit of enchantment because she is simply perfect.
That's right. She is simply perfect.
And I am not referring to any notions of perfection- like she has perfect morals, or perfect hair, or perfect (fill in the blank)... I just think she is a perfect person. And that's it.
I love, absolutely love, everything about her. Everything that I know about her so far, that is. I don't want to sound like I just know everything about her, like she's some book or something. I have a feeling there are lots and lots of things I have yet to discover about this lovely lady, and I am in no rush to interrogate her! When she has something to disclose, she will. So far I've seen only perfection.  To find something "wrong" with her would be such a surreal experience that I think I would love it as well, just because it would be so new.

She is also beautiful... So so so beautiful! And not just physically, she is just a beautiful soul.

I won't list things that I love about her, that would be a daunting and time-consuming task. There's just too much, and it's all so complex that I don't think I would find the right words to properly say what I might want to say.
I will mention that she is a talented musician, a passionate lover of all forms of art, is full of quirky interesting thoughts and little things she does, gets extremely excited about things that I get extremely excited about, is super easy to talk/not talk to, LOVES tea, LOVES me, and is the only person who understands my semi-S&M inclination to squeeze, and scratch, and skin-twist body parts until it's orgasmically painful and no further. That's a weird sentence. But she knows what I mean, as far as the semi-S&M thing goes... She loves it too! O.O

See? Why it's funny that i'm not in love with her, in the sexual romantic way?

I will not lie, sometimes I wonder how it would feel to kiss her... A lit flutter of excitement stirs in my stomach somewhere. But it has never been an overwhelming desire that leaves me feeling torn up or anything like that. A curiosity, that's what it is. But not a curiosity that I would act upon, no no no. I value our friendship too much to ever taint it in any unnecessary way... If she ever makes the first step, i will make the second. That is all.

I do wonder if sometmes a person or two think we're "together" when we're walking around Chicago because we always seem to be in a perma-embrace of some sort, smiling ear-to-ear, and LITERALLY squealing with delight.
I am so serious. That seems to happen every time. We just SQUEAL and SQUEEZE each others arms. Who else can I do that with without feeling retarded? No one that I know of!

Basically, she is perfect for me. We're on the same frequency, so when we resonate, it's like WHOA powerful.
I get stupid and dizzy and sooo relaxed and comfortable when I'm with her. Life becomes a big book of mesmerizing fairy tales and everything kinda shimmers... That's how happy my Ata makes me. <3 Perhaps way happier than a friend should make another friend. (I wonder if this is how married people who love each other dearly but don't feel the urge to have sex feel...) Or maybe this is what true-to-the-core friendship is? Or just maybe this relationship is unclassifiable. However I might decide to "file" it, I'm glad I get to experience it! ^.^

She is my bosom friend and I am so happy that we met and have remained close and on the same page for the past 3 years... And so far, it doesn't seem that we will be finishing up anytime soon! YES! Ohhh, the attractions to come, how lovely and exciting!!! Argggghha;dfa;oiei;fad;foi;!!!! Teehee<3!

Heaven?  When I'm with her, yes. <3


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