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YouTube 1st time, omg<3
Grrrrrrr, YouTube fails. I will use the russian video hosting site, maybe. If it cooperates.

At Chella's birthday party! Half Mexican, half gringo, and me, the race exception! Hahaha<333 Yummy yummy Mexican food! Chella and one of her friends taught me how to make tamales and pina colada! Mwahahaha!

Akilah's house! And Akilah not in Ithaca, NY! Whoa.

I'm being silly with YouTube because this is my first time!Woo!
I can;t believe I deleted the video of Michael, Alli, and me playing ERS. That was crazy super-charged genius... But no use crying over broken eggs? Yes? YES! Plus, just like Jane said, there's plenty more material to record, haha<3

Too tired to write like I wanted to :D; playing with Michael and Alli has completely worn me out! Ai ai ai!

Today was the first time I emceed a Buddhist meeting plus I had to be back up to read President Ikeda's Day of Youth message! Whoo! There were 6? SGI leaders there and it was amazing and completely encouraging! It's so invigorating to have accomplished people who're doing great things supporting, encouraging, and being inspired by you... There's no sense of hierarchy or condescension(sp?). It's people striving to live and encouraging others to live happily. Whoo!
Okay, g'nightttt to ze web, hello to the pillowwww! <333


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