My goals are numerous and never-ending, it seems.

The number one overall goal is this:

In 2009, I want to have the courage to be fully myself.

To integrate all parts of myself into one big shining diamond of a life- to reveal all parts of myself, to accept all parts of myself, to allow all parts of myself, to see all parts of myself, and to be exactly who I am, as I keep changing and growing.

To love myself unconditionally and to blow up the chains I've weighed myself down with for so long.

And lucky for me, I know exactly how to do this. Chant to the Gohonzon. Ahhh, thank you Ikeda-sensei! Without you I would not have the Gohonzon today! And I'd be depressed and hopeless and self-hating... Maybe worse.

Happy birthday, Daisaku Ikeda! You will live forever in my heart!

So so so so so so happy I encountered Nichiren Buddhism. Damn. Thank you, Nichiren Daishonin!!!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!


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