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 Today is a beautiful poplar fluff filled day in Moscow!!! I love it! 
I'm uploading all the photos I've taken while in Russia on Photobucket, FINALLY!!!! <3
I will know 10 languages! Oooh, so much stuff to learn=excitement! How beautiful for this site to exist! Roar! I'm so happy!
I'm super excited about the other web communitiesI found through Wendy, the lady that turned my world upside down and led me to Buddhism! I'm currently without my Buddha friends and it's hard because VMESTE VESELEYE (it's more fun together)! So Wendy let me know about a portable Buddhist community for the world! How super convenient!
And then the creator of that site recommended Powerful Intentions to me and it's going to be a great way to not get all "I'm a Buddhist, I'm better than you"... I mean, in and of itself, Buddhism doesn't ever put anyone down. It might say that one path leads to suffering while the other to explosive joy, but there's no superiority complex in Buddhism itself. BUT there is the potential for a superiority complex in people. And if you're not careful, it will becom activated! It especially turns on in people who practice a religion or a way of life, etc. I refuse to fall into that trap. 
It's also cool for me because having grown up in Russia where spirituality is much more discussed than in America, I'm drawn towards it. I'm interested in how people live spiritually while also living a contributive growing life. The two, for me, are inseparable. So I'm really excited! :D
What else? There's lots. I need to update more so that there isn't LOTS but just right, eh?
The most important thing right now is that I'm worry-free about my passport situation. I chanted about it, the universe heard me, and in due time it will arrive. And while it's been cooked up, I'm going to just enjoy the ride and not waste time feeling down. There's too much good to focus on, mmm hmmm! ^.^
Rose hips / Шиповник



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