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More studio design... <3!!!

Ikea armchair in beige. $149.

It's nice a simple. I plan to not make it look so neutral, easiest way would be with pillow detail. :D But hoorah Ikea! Nice looking armchair, low like I want, comfy-looking, and a good price! Woo hoo!

Ikea birch folding table. $179.
I've been eyeing this baby for like a year. I love it. I love that it's made of birch wood, that's the tree of Russia!  I love how raw it looks! I'm going to get a nice little Ru-style tablecloth for it and then I'm just gonna be in love. Yesss. 

Ikea black bracket. $4.
Ikea white wall shelf. $10.

It's true I want the wall shelf to be white. I plan to do fun things with it, and I need it to be white. Nice nice nice.

Altar cabinet! I'm in love! $399.
Like the table, I've been eyeing this beautiful piece of work for some time. It's perfect for my Gohonzon/Buddhist altar! It's more beautiful and grand than any other piece of furniture and it's going to be surrounded by other beautiful things once I'm done with it, it's gonna look like a mini-temple. I'm so excited to work on it all! ::explodes::!

I have to get a number for an antique repair place so that Jane's secretary desk can be fixed and be used in my humble abode asap!

Alright enough for today! I'm jumping like a little bunny with anticipation. Meow. Because that's exactly what excited bunnies say. :D

I love finding messages that talk about the fact that all things are both spiritual and physical. It's like 2 sides of a coin. I also love seeing Buddhism in everything (Buddhism is about everything so it only makes sense that I would). The "Secret" that this video talks about has the name of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo in Nichiren Buddhism. It's the name of the ultimate Law of everything, ever. Like Einstein's formula. And chanting it is like instantly harmonizing yourself with the universe and transforming your life toward unshakeable awesomeness. Of course, like Einstein's formula, it has many deeper levels of meaning, power, etc. The brain can't really comprehend it but the heart does. In any case, I've always been encouraged to seek actual proof of the fact that Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo has a REAL impact on one's life. Like the scientific process (see, see? Buddhism-real world connection!)
I've tried it and yes, siree, it does! It's the best damn thing that ever happened to my life. I'm constantly finding out new things and growing and getting more excited about life by the second! 
I've started chanting for real 4 months ago, and in that time I've literally cried because I was so amazed at my own existence and life around me and my potential and general AWESOMENESS at least 5 times... I'm so thankful for that, I didn't know I could be that happy. Especially because nothing was happening around me. I was just sitting an chanting and then WOOOOSH, cosmic powers of love or something just exploded.
Ok ok ok, get me started on Buddhism and I can talk for hours. The video, right. Here it is. :D



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