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Studio dreams contd. ;D

Cuckoo clock! With cuckoo bird, leaves, and SQUIRRELS! $205.05
What is there to say? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE.

Sewing machine table! $39.99 in red and in light pink, don't know which one yet! Yes!

Piano keyboard table! $28 I want this only in wire. We shall see. I might just stick with the regular stand. The reason I want the legs on the side is extra storage. Pondering, pondering.... :D

Closest to the clear thing I want... Teehee<3. $155
I don't even want to talk about what this is really going to be used for until my studio project is completely DONE. Oooooh, shits, it's gonna be exciting! 
I'm thinking this one is better as it is taller. Eeeeeeep ^.^

I'm dancing for no reason and I'm loving it. Har har har! 
Ok. Today was awesome. My sister needs the computer so I won't talk about it. Maybe I'll throw something in later.