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Cosmic gifts la la la... ^.^
What a good day! <3!!!!
Woke up happy, to the point that I greeted my studio because I love talking to "inanimate" objects. It makes for a good start of the day!
Didn't go running by the lake, ran up the building stairs 2 times and did some leg work on the yoga mattt. Then shower, BIG breakfast, reading some Buddha wisdom from one of my favorite letters, chanting, and running off to see Akilah!
I love that girl. Time flies when I'm with her. And I can talk to her about psychology and social behavior type stuff in a very blunt way that is freeing. I love honest probing yet fully respectful conversation. It's hard to do, but we somehow do it very naturally, which is such a GIFT! <3 Today the main topic was perception. And the true nature of real acting. I've become enamored and fascinated by acting since reading "Strokes of Existence" by Mari Gorman, an acting teacher/actress. I never really thought about how genuine actors are artists whose medium is life itself. I guess that's obvious but i never really thought about it. Reading this book, I'm simply in awe. And since Akilah is a theater major, we for the first time talked about acting and the process and what she's learning and I'm so damn proud of her. I knew she was really into it and she was good, but today I realized she is really good. She seems to understand the subtleties of different characters/people and she's sooo aware of detail... I wouldn't be surprised if she directed at some point. Wow. Becoming closer friends with someone you've known since freshman year of high school? GIFT! <3
We talked and walked for some hours and then she had to go to her job at the Goodman. (That's right!)
Then as I'm getting ready to go do whatever, she says would you like to see the show. And she gets permission for me to see Ain't Misbehavin'. Just like that. O.O i kinda freaked out from happiness a little bit, umm... GIFT!!!<3
I had some time before the show started so I went to Sanrio and got an amazing pen. The point is super super thin BUT the pen is comfortable for me to hold which is so unlike most super thin pens that I've used in the past. I love it. And of course it's adorable. GIFT!!<3
I then got some intuitive nudge to go to Borders to get a new planner instead of getting the Sanrio one. I followed the hunch and found a purrrfect cute but more functional planner at Borders. I totally view that as a GIFT.
Stopped in at Sephora to get the blending brush #29 which I've been eying for some time and I got free Philosophy Purity facial cleanser. Obviously, GIFT!<3!
Now i'm inside the theater, and the seat is great considering it was given to me just because. I set next to a couple and I talked to them and during the show we sang and moved with the music (not quite dancing, though) and we LAUGHED AND LAUGHED. That was huge for me since in the past I've been much more people-shy, especially if I was by myself. Good times..... :D GIFT!!!<3!
That about wraps it up for July 25th. Oh, except that I got a letter from my mother after some weeks of silence AND I got  my first letter from Beata since she's been away! I was so psyched to see those in my inbox! Love love love! GIFTS, GIFTS, GIFTS!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
So pretty much, I'm in love with myself and life and the people in it. Just love. Love love love!
PS Gift from yesterday was getting my Owl painting from Anjali!!! I stared at it the entire ride home like some art zombie. It is so beautiful. And she is so beautiful. Beauty creating beauty. O.O Need I say it again? GIFT!!!!!!!!! I'm so thankful.

PPS Speaking of thankful, Hayao Miyazaki has my undying love for all eternity. Infinitely. Forever. His films bring the happiest emotions. I love them all. And there are some I have yet to see! aka Gifts waiting to be had. Gahhh, <3!!!
Whenever I feel the most profound lovely happiness I remember the moment at 5:40 in this clip from Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro. Imagining how it would feel like to fall asleep on Forest King Totoro's magnificent soft warm belly in his magical tree and all that green life around and pure air and absolute security and comfort... It gives me goosebumps. It's perfection.


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